Ladies dressing up, perfect make up for every inch of the face. Gentlemen preparing their selves, making sure that every move would be impressive. A fancy and expensive restaurant or strolling in the malls, movie marathons, or food feasts, carnivals or parks, wherever that bonding moment may be as long as we are with our special someone, everything is perfect.

As urbanization widens, the opportunities and chances to spend a wonderful weekend or a great time with our loved ones had greatly increased. Inland resort openings in almost every town, privately owned beaches fill the internet, advertising and promotions about the upcoming openings are almost everywhere. Netizens tagging in Facebook their loved ones simply shows how people, especially us Filipinos, value closeness and bonding with ones we love. With these fresh places, adventure parks, we got a chance to jump out of our comfort zones, face our fears together, and even discover how amusing it could get when doing heart stopping stuff together.

Doing the things you both love increases your intimacy and it also promotes better quality of relationship, even with those who are just dating. Going to places together helps a couple discover more of themselves too. There is no better way in creating a perfect bonding but just spending quality time together and have a clean, real fun!…