Effective White Hat SEO Tricks to Try This 2015


It’s not surprising to hear about new things being introduced in the field of SEO this 2015. It has always been a dynamic field that requires you to change your strategies depending on the updates. But you have to make sure that you use only white hat techniques, or risk getting banned or penalised by the search engines. If you are confused about what these white hat tricks are, we are here to assist you as you pursue an SEO Middlesbrough campaign.

These white hat SEO tricks that you can try this year include the following:

• Local optimisation. More Internet users now make searches using “name of product or service” + “location name.” Just like how Google wants websites to be, you have to be intuitive and cater to the users’ needs by optimising your website locally. Tap into local directories like Yelp to improve your rankings and visibility and we will surely do that for your site.

• Skyscraper trick. This trick includes looking for quality content, writing content that is so much better than that content, and promoting your content. This will likely get your content published on the quality directory or website you’re eyeing. We’ve used it and it proved to be more effective than guest posting. This is all thanks to the Brian Dean of Backlinko.com, the man behind the idea.

• Semantic search. Keywords are still relevant this 2015, but they should be used in a way that will still make your content informative and helpful to the readers. You should use long-tail keywords because users tend to do that and search engines now understand them.

• Fresh content. Check your content and make them relevant by updating them. Double check figures, facts and statistics to update them if necessary. Internet users, Google, and other search engines don’t like outdated content and websites. Our SEO Middlesbrough experts can do the content updates for you.

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• On-page keyword presence. Aside from producing great content, you should not forget about the titles and descriptions of that content.

• Author rank. Your online profile as an author will be based on how Google scores your blogs, websites, and web pages. Your social media posts on Google+ posts, comments, and +1s may raise your Author Rank.

• Domain authority. Your website needs to score 50 or more in domain authority, plus great content in a relevant niche and backlinks.

Conquer SEO this 2015 and we’ll be there supporting you. Use these white hat SEO techniques and wait for them to work instead of rushing into black hat options and get penalised for doing so.

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